Preston GM Langley FC


About Us

At Preston GM Langley FC, our primary goal is to deliver stand-out programs to Langley youth soccer players.  Our teams are open to boys and girls from preschool to later teenage years. We share a passion for the beautiful game which fuels us to be one of the best clubs in BC. We hold a Canada Soccer National Youth Club Licence and are committed to upholding the highest standards.

In Langley, soccer is one of the most popular sports for youth. That’s why we offer a variety of programs that suit players of different ages and skills. For youth soccer players who can’t get enough of the game, we also run a number of different skill-building academies.

Our Philosophy

From teenagers competing in international tournaments to youngsters kicking the ball for the first time, when a Preston GM Langley FC player steps on the field they do so backed by the club’s belief in one overarching philosophy: the focus of our programs must be on developing both excellent soccer players and outstanding people. Every player in our program is encouraged to not only be the best soccer player they can be, but also the best person they can be. We are a community soccer club that makes our home in Langley, but we also hope to serve Langley by creating good citizens and community members who will contribute positively in all aspects of their lives.

From board members, to club staff, to coaches, we are dedicated to the personal and soccer skills development of:

  • The individual as a person and an athlete

  • The individual as part of a larger team

  • The competitive soccer athlete at the local, provincial, national and international level

Our History

Preston GM Langley FC proudly serves boys and girls of all skills levels, but it has taken over a decade of hard work and dedication for us to be able to offer such a diverse program. In fact, we were founded in 1999 as a girls-only club. Before then, the female players of Langley were facing challenges in Langley’s only other soccer club - both parents and their kids were upset with the situation. Fed up with second class treatment, parents struck out on their own and formed Langley FC as the city’s home for girls of all ages. The program was an immediate success, and that spirit of equality and fair play still permeates our organization to this day.

For over ten years we operated as a girls only club, until in 2011 when we opened our club to male players. Langley families could finally enrol all their children in our popular programs, and our registrations reached record heights. Three years later the stage was set for our biggest announcement ever – the formation of Fraser Valley FC.

In the fall of 2014, the EA BC Soccer Premier League awarded our club with a franchise, allowing us to compete at the highest level in the province. Named Fraser Valley Premier FC, these new teams would be comprised of our own players along with players from Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. Our entrance into the BCSPL represented a watershed moment for the club and for soccer in Langley as a whole. It was during this period that we renamed our club Langley FC Alliance, to represent our inclusion of players from around the Fraser Valley. However, that name would only last two years before we reached an agreement that would forever change our organization.

For decades Preston GM has been fixture in Langley as a popular car dealership and contributor to the community. Over their decades of operation, Preston GM has become known as one of the community’s greatest supporters of youth sports. In 2015, Preston became the title sponsor of our club and we embraced the name Preston GM Langley FC. Their generous support has allowed us to improve our programs at every level and we hope this wonderful partnership extends for years to come.

Today we are one of the province’s most dynamic clubs, offering programs for a variety of skills levels and ages. Although we may be playing at the highest levels of sport, we’ve never forgotten the circumstances that led to our formation. No matter what happens, you can trust the our club will always have the best interest of all of our players at heart.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected during our annual general meeting and are therefore chosen by the club itself. Each member is committed to a term of at least one year, and they are each given an area of responsibility in which they must serve.

President: Amy Read

Past President: Daryl Cairns

Secretary/Treasurer: Christy Innes

Director of Game Day Operations: James Fox

Director of Academies & Programs: Mike Schue

Administrative Staff

Our club could not be successful without the efforts of our staff, all of whom work very hard to deliver the best possible experience to the kids in our club.

Staff members include:

Technical Director: Steve Millar

Administrator: Carol Millar