A hearty congratulations goes out to our 2017/2018  award winners! Awarded yearly at our AGM, these awards celebrate the best our club has to offer both at the individual and team level.

Category / Winner / Team / Coach

Player of the Year: U16 Girls / Kylie Moore / Alysa Wall   Preston GM LFC Heat

Player of the Year: U15 Girls / Sydney Braun   Preston GM LFC Nightmare

Player of the Year: U15 Girls / Amber Caskey  Preston GM LFC Storm

Player of the Year: U14 Girls / Maya Dawe  Preston GM LFC Strykers

Player of the Year: U12 Girls / Preston GM LFC Barcelona Girls Team  (All)

Player of the Year: U12 Boys / Quinn Culbert

Player of the Year: U13 Boys / Jefferson Hsu  Preston GM LFC Blackjacks

BSCPL Team of the Year / U15 Boys / Steve Millar, Mike Sheu  Coaches

Coach of the Year / Paul Brown   Preston GM LFC Nightmare

Girls Team of the Year  Preston GM LFC U12 Barcelona  Coach Steve Millar

Boys Team of the Year / U13 Preston GM LFC Blackjacks  Coach Steve McCaw

Most Sportsmanlike Team / Preston GM LFC Whitecaps  Coach Jeff Brown