18 Players from Preston GM Langley FC Selected for BC Soccer’s Provincial Program

Preston GM Langley FC and Fraser Valley Premier are proud to announce that 18 of our players have been selected for BC Soccer’s Provincial Program, meant to facilitate training for players from the BCSPL (BC Soccer Premier League). This player-first program is intended to aid development and allow players to be exposed to scouting opportunities from schools, national teams, and professional teams. The program is recognized as the highest level of selection for the U13 - U18 age groups in BC soccer.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the players who were selected to the program for their commitment and achievement.


2003    Jaslin Mandaher

2003    Hannon Read

2004    Kayla Chanteloop

2004    Aiden Millar

2004   Gurleen Mahli

2005    Gaia Rees

2005     Kaitlyn Buckle

2005     Sara Fox


2002     Nolan Premack

2003     Tommy Millar

2003     Aaron Harstaad

2004     Karmveer Rai

2004     Tegan Romaine

2004     Mohit Bahota

2005     Joel Seo

2005     Brennan Billing

2005     Kaden Cambridge

2005    Jorans Pranaitis

Preston GM Langley FC