Conduct, Ethics, & Discipline

All Preston GM Langley FC members including but not limited to, players, parents, spectators, team officials, game officials, club officials, regardless of being paid or volunteer, have a duty and responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately while respecting the FIFA Laws of the Game, BC Soccer rules, regulations and policy and the policies, by-laws and procedures of club. Team officials are responsible for the conduct of their spectators and teams.

Team officials, players, or spectators must not criticize game officials, team officials, other spectators, or players, the club’s or opposition’s, at any time.

“Rule 10 – Discipline” provides BC Soccer broad responsibility to ensure the proper conduct of all individuals involved in sanctioned soccer. Discipline guidelines are available from the BC Soccer Association website.

BC Soccer holds the jurisdiction for discipline over all of its member and affiliate organizations. BC Soccer policies and guidelines can be found on the BC Soccer website.

As a member, please fully review and familiarize yourself with the BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics, Discipline Standards & Policy document.