Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of some of the most common questions we receive. Don’t see your question listed? Feel free to contact us and we’ll respond with an answer! Click here to visit our contact us page.


At what age can a player start with the club?
The player may begin playing at pre-school age; 5 or turning 5 before Dec 31st. U6 stands for Under 6 years old, U7 = under 7 years etc.





When do I register my child?
Registration for fall soccer in Langley opens in March and usually runs into the first or second week of September for late-comers. However, there is an early–bird registration discount available if you register before a certain date, normally June 15th. After this date, registration fees increase. Registering early also provides you the option of getting on the team you want, or playing with friends. Teams fill up very quickly, so it is best to register as early as possible.

How many players on the field?
The exact number of players on the field is at the discretion of the Technical Director. But, generally speaking at U5 – U7 it is 3 (no Keepers), U8 there is 4 (includes a keeper). At U9 and U10 it moves to 6 (including a keeper). U11 & U12 it’s 8 (including keeper), from U13 and up it’s 11 (including keeper).

When does the soccer season start?
The soccer season starts usually around the 2nd or 3rd week of September, and runs until late February-early March (with a break over Christmas). U5 – U7 players will actually operate under a different schedule: these two age groups may end their season in early December, with another mini-season in February. However, many teams (U11 and up) often begin practicing in late August in preparation for tournaments and league play. The team coach will contact the players directly by email or telephone with full details of practice and game times, locations and other information.

What team has my child been placed on?
All players who try out for rep/development teams will be notified whether they make the team shortly after tryouts. All other players will be assigned to teams by the Age Group Coordinator. Assignment is dependent on when the completed registration is submitted, what team the child played on the previous year, availability of coaches, geographic location of your home (house teams only) and space availability on teams. Players will receive an email from their coach starting mid August through mid September to let them know what team they are on. Younger teams often start later in the season.

When are practices held?
Practices are usually held weeknight evenings with younger teams practicing once a week and older teams, depending on the caliber of play, practicing one to three times a week – this usually includes an academy practice. Each team is assigned a regular practice time slot at a local area field. Your coach will inform you of exact details as the season begins and schedules are finalized.

How are the practice locations determined?
Our Field Coordinator first receives our club’s allotment from the Township of Langley. Then, field availability permitting , House teams are often done geographically and that permits the Director of Fields to allocate these teams based on the home addresses of the team members. Rep teams usually have players that reside all over so their practice locations will be based on several criteria including field availability, times, lighted fields, coach availability and other criteria.

What if certain practice days are not suitable for my child?
This issue is best taken up with the coach of the team. Our coaches dedicate many hours to these players and too many absent players at practice can upset the balance of a team on game day.

What are the game times?
Game times fluctuate but in general games are played on Saturday or Sunday usually in the morning up to 1pm for younger ages and sometimes later in the day for older ages. Periodically games are played on weekday evening at the older ages. Your coach will inform you of exact details as the season begins and schedules are finalized.

What fields will my child play on?
At the younger ages (U10 and under), kids play generally within the Langley City or Township boundaries. Older ages (U11 and older), depending on the caliber, may have to travel as far East as Chilliwack, North to Whistler, South to White Rock and West to Richmond. It depends on several criteria and your coach will inform you of exact details as the season begins and schedules are finalized.

How do I know when fields are closed?
Field closure notices will be placed on the website homepage as well as our social media channels. However, if your game or practice is cancelled your coach or manager should phone or email and let you know personally.

Does Preston GM Langley FC (PGMLFC) host any clinics for player development?
PGMLFC offers options for a wide variety of clinics, academies and development programs for our players. You can find these on the website. We will also periodically email information to parents and players throughout the year.

How do I get in touch with executives of the club?
Click here to see our board members; they can all be reached by e-mail. Keep in mind these are volunteers and may not be able to respond to you immediately.

Can I request a teammate or team after U10?
Yes, we always take requests for house team players and try to accommodate them as best as possible, however there are no guarantees. Request for rep. teams cannot be made as teams are created, and players chosen, from tryouts

Can my child play up a year with a sibling or friend?
BC Soccer feels that children, no matter how high their skill level, are best served by playing with and against their friends and in their own age group that is appropriate for their mental, physical and emotional maturity level. This is particularly true of the Micro levels, where one year can make a world of difference in a child’s development, whether physical, emotional or mental. If your child is moved up, at the discretion of the PGMLFC Technical Department, we also reserve the right to move the child back to their own age group at any time during the season for any reason but most specifically if they don’t have the skill level to compete at the older age group or if they are having trouble fitting in. Safety of the child is another paramount concern that will dictate at which level your child plays.

My child is small and born late in the calendar year; can she play down on a younger team?
Every child must play in their birth year age group, they cannot play down. Playing up one year may be considered on a player to player basis only in the Senior levels, and must be approved by the LFC Technical Department.

Can we request a coach or team?
Requests are always considered but not guaranteed. Submit your request to the respective Age Group Coordinator of your age bracket as shown on the Age Group Coordinator page.

Do players travel outside Langley?
Yes, but usually only at U11 and up and can (but not always) include trips as far east as Hope, North to Whistler, South to White Rock and West to Richmond. U10 and under usually only play other Langley teams. However all ages who enter tournaments may have to travel to the home locations of those tournaments. Rep teams can be required to travel to Vancouver Island, the Interior and beyond at the player’s expense. Fundraising by teams often support these extra expenses.

How do I file a complaint?
All complaints should be directed to the PGMLFC executive. Please contact us.

Have any other questions?
Any other questions? If you have a question that you didn’t see listed here, feel free to contact us.