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The Highest Level of Youth Soccer in Langley

Preston GM Langley FC is home to Langley’s franchise in the BC Soccer Premier League, Fraser Valley Premier. The BCSPL is the highest level of competitive youth soccer in Langley, and we’re very proud to have been chosen to develop Fraser Valley’s top soccer talent. Placement on Fraser Valley Premier is reserved for only the best players in our catchment area. It is truly an honour for those selected to wear one of our jerseys.

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In 2014 the BC Soccer Premier League awarded Preston GM Langley FC a franchise in their league. Named Fraser Valley Premier, our boys and girls BCSPL teams have gone on to achieve great things, including provincial championships. The teams are comprised of male and female players from throughout the Fraser Valley, including Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. These players train incredibly hard to participate in the BCSPL as well as in local, national, and international tournaments.

What is the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL)?

The EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League is BC’s premier destination for talented youth soccer players and is committed to deliver on the following key development initiatives;

  • Support CSA’s “Player First” mentality and its Long Term Player Development strategy

  • Harmonize all high performance level of programming

  • Eliminate congestion and provide greater clarity for all stakeholders

  • Work within existing and supporting structures

  • Drive improvements to all aspects of high performance soccer

In addition the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League is built on the following guiding core principles of development:

  • Provide an elevated level of competition for high performance players within BC

  • Provide a strong contribution to player development for the Canadian National Team level of play

  • Provide a recognized pathway for players to be identified for BC Soccer Provincial Teams Program, Canadian University, US Colleges and Universities and ultimately the Professional level of play with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer.

What type of player does the BCSPL focus on?

The BCSPL is for highly motivated and committed elite level boys and girls playing U13 – U18.  BCSPL players should aspire to play in the most competitive environment available, and to achieve their provincial, national, university, and/or professional playing potential.

When and where do Fraser Valley Premier teams play?

Regular Season play begins in Phase 1 with 14 games from February to June. BCSPL Championship play begins in Phase 2 with 8 games from September to November. Non-competition breaks occur in the programming during the Summer (July/August) and the Winter (December/January). For BCSPL Intake Program players, there will be a Transitional Mini-Season which runs from September to November. These players will then play a full season at U13 in the BCSPL starting in February. There is also a Whitecaps Showcase Tournament in the Spring and an Intake Team Festival in Fall. All Fraser Valley Premier home games are played in Langley, Abbotsford or Chilliwack and away games are played within the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Thompson Okanagan regions.

Do Fraser Valley Premier teams stay overnight when traveling?

As a guideline travel to Victoria will always be day trips unless a game is scheduled prior to 12pm or earlier. Travel to Kelowna will always be an overnight trip unless a game is scheduled at 3pm or later. The club may at times choose to schedule overnight stays outside of these parameters based on bus utilization, ferry sailings and, other scheduling factors.

When and where do Fraser Valley Premier teams train?

Our teams train three times per week with at least two training sessions in Langley in most cases. If there is a large percentage of players from Chilliwack and/or Abbotsford on any given team then there could be two training sessions in Abbotsford. If the largest percentage of players on a given team are from Langley, then all three training sessions will be in Langley. Training will continue during July, August, December and January but there will be mandatory extended shutdown periods during these non-competition breaks.

What does the Fraser Valley Premier kit include?

We have a lime-green game jersey along with two sets of black secondary jerseys to be used for training and back-up game jerseys. Also, included is a full set of team wear and other optional items.

Do returning players also have to re-register with Fraser Valley Premier?

Yes, all players including Returning, New, Permitting and Reserve must register on our website. The first step in the registration process will be to select the players status with Fraser Valley Premier as per below:

  1. Returning: These are players that were with a Fraser Valley Premier team last year.

  2. New: These are players that are new to Fraser Valley Premier.

  3. Permitting: These are MSL and Divisional players that did not transfer to the BCSPL by the Dec 15th deadline so require a permit to play until they have completed their commitments with their current team.

  4. Reserve: These are players that are not part of the team’s official roster but they still need to register. This program is not available for U13 Intakes.

What is a FVP “Permitting” player and when do they transfer to the BCSPL team?

FVP has a special BCSPL registration status called “Permitting” where it is agreed upon that a player will transfer to the FVP BCSPL team immediately following the end of their MSL/Divisional season. “Permitting” players are required to pay their full fee within the same timing as Standard Roster players that are either “New” or “Returning”. Once “Permitting” players are finished with all league and cup play, they can transfer into the BCSPL at the conclusion of their MSL/Divisional season. An example would be if your team has played its last league game and gets knocked out of Coastal Cup (or doesn’t play in it), you have fulfilled your team commitments are free to transfer at that time. If your team is in Provincial Cup competition, you are committed to that team for cup play and could only play in BCSPL league games on permit.

What is a FVP “Reserve” player and do they transfer to the BCSPL team?

FVP has a special BCSPL registration status called “Reserve” where a player has been identified as having strong potential to eventually become a full-time BCSPL player and is offered a spot to train with a FVP BCSPL team throughout the season for a minimum of one session per week while their MSL/Divisional league play is occurring and up to three times per week when MSL/Divisional play is not in session. These players will be the first to be offered an opportunity to play in BCSPL games should they be required but only with the approval of their MSL/Divisional team coach and they are to play no more than 8 games within a given BCSPL season (Feb – Nov). Reserve players are eligible to play in Premier Cup as long as they have played the minimum of three games with the BCSPL team in Phase 1. “Reserve” players may transfer permanently as a full-time player or be released from the Reserve program at the end of the BCSPL season in November. In some cases a “Reserve” player may be offered a full-time position during the BCSPL season should the team lose a regular roster player for whatever reason.  Any “Reserve” player that signs prior to the end of the BCSPL season will be will be subject to a rate fee increase calculated on a prorated basis.

How much are the fees and what do they cover?

Fees go towards a variety of expenses, including coach salaries, club staff, player kits, coach kits, training equipment, field rentals, referee fees, hotels and transportation for overnight trips, etc. Please see our Financial Aid page should you require assistance.

Technical Staff

Technical Director: Steve Millar

Girls BCSPL Coaches:

U13 Intake Girls: Steve Millar

U13 Girls: John Mantei

U14 Girls: Jason Bermudez

U15 Girls: Steve Millar

Boys BCSPL Coaches:

U13 Intake: Siamak Hashemi

U13 Boys: Doug Rosenlund

U14 Boys: Yuri Vasilevski

U15 Boys: John Mantei

U16 Boys: Steve Millar


PRIMARY KIT – Our Green Kit is unique within the BCSPL.

SECONDARY KIT – We have a secondary Jersey which will be used for league games. We will also provide players with dry fit training tops. Given we have three training sessions per week, players are issued three dry fit shirts to help keep up with the laundry!

KEEPER KIT – Two complete sets provided with extra socks. Keepers can use either set for training but need to always bring both sets to games.

TEAM WEAR – The individual pieces of our Team Wear package have each player’s numbers for easy identification. We will provide Backpacks and/or Duffel Bags for intake and U13 players only.

OPTIONAL ITEMS  – Players, Staff and Parents can also order online optional items for themselves directly from Soccer City such as rain & winter jackets as well as extra items on top of what is provided in the Standard Kit.

SIZING GUIDELINES – Players have seven sizing options available (YM,YL,YXL,AS,AM,AL,AXL). The Adidas Sizing Chart below can be used as a guideline for Player Kits. However, players should contact their team Coach or Manager regarding scheduled kit sizing “times” for the team. Sock sizes are not selected by players as U13-U18 Female Teams and U13-U15 Male Teams will get Medium Size socks U16-U18 Male Teams will get Large Size socks.

Refund Policies for Fraser Valley Premier player in the BCSPL:

  1. All first payments/deposits as set out annually and are non-refundable.

  2. All refunds should they be granted are subject to a $100 administration fee.

  3. Should a player willingly leave (quit) his/her team no refund shall be granted.

  4. Should a player become injured outside of a non-sanctioned Fraser Valley Premier event (i.e. school sports, family vacation, etc.) no refund shall be granted.

  5. Should a player be released or suspended by his/her for behavior unbecoming of a member no refund shall be granted.

  6. No refund or consideration of a refund shall be granted to any member in arrears to Preston GM Langley FC.

  7. Should a player become injured within the confines of a sanctioned Fraser Valley Premier event such as team training sessions, league games, and tournaments a refund will be granted at a pro-rated rate to be determined by the High Performance Committee.

  8. Should a player be released by his/her team at any point during Phase 1 or prior to the start of Phase 2 the High Performance Committee will review the players release and if deemed appropriate a refund will be granted at a pro-rated rate.

  9. All refund requests must be received in writing to the General Manager – High Performance, Amy Read (

Player movement

Between January 1 and May 31, intra-league transfers for BCSPL registered players must be agreed on by the technical directors of the two clubs involved. If no such agreement is reached, the matter will be referred to a committee comprised of the league General Manager and two neutral persons of the Manager’s choosing. Between May 31 and November 30, no intra-league transfers will be allowed. Players requesting dispensation from the BC Soccer transfer deadline, must do so in writing directly to BC Soccer. Between December 1 and December 31, players are free to move from club to club within the BCSPL with no transfer required.