Intake Program

What is Fraser Valley Premier?

Fraser Valley Premier is the name of the BCSPL program that operates within Preston GM Langley FC. In addition, all BCSPL teams play under the Fraser Valley Premier name. The four Partner clubs Chilliwack FC, Abbotsford Soccer, Aldergrove Soccer and Langley FC (now Preston GM Langley FC) form a High Performance Committee which governs the BCSPL franchise within the Preston GM Langley FC Club.

What is the BCSPL Entry Level Player Intake Program?

The EA Sports BCSPL is the high performance league with eight regional Clubs. It represents the highest level of youth soccer in the Province. Players aspiring to play in this league require commitment and dedication to the program. At Fraser Valley Premier, professional coaches are in place to enable players to reach their full potential in a player-centric development model. The U13 Intake Teams will train three times per week during the Spring exhibition schedule. When the September season begins, the teams will continue to train three times per week. For more information on the BCSPL Intake Teams process, please refer to this FAQ prepared by BC Soccer: BCSPL Entry Level Player Evaluation FAQ

What are the Key Highlights for Fraser Valley Premier intake teams?

  • Training three times per week.
  • These teams will also play several friendlies (matches).
  • The teams will participate in at least ONE Local Tournament. (April – June)
  • The teams will also participate in at least ONE Out-of-Town Tournaments. (April – June)
  • Following a Summer Break, these teams will then play in the EA Sports BCSPL Phase Two from September to November 2018, with travel to the Okanagan and/or Vancouver Island.
  •  Following a re-evaluation process in November and winter break, the teams will move on to the full U13 EA Sports BCSPL season in February 2019.

When and where do Fraser Valley Premier teams train?

Our teams train three times per week with at least two training sessions in Langley in most cases. If there is a large percentage of players from Chilliwack and/or Abbotsford on any given team then there could be two training sessions in Abbotsford. If the largest percentage of players on a given team are from Langley and beyond then all three training sessions will be in Langley. Training will continue during July, August, December and January but there will be mandatory extended shutdown periods during these non-competition breaks.

What does the Fraser Valley Premier kit include?

We have a Lime game jersey along with two sets of black secondary jerseys to be used for training and back-up game jerseys. Also, included is a full set of Team Wear and other optional items. If players wish to order items in addition to what is provided in their kit they can go to the Fraser Valley Premier online Clubwear Online.

What is the Schedule for the Intake Evaluations?

The first two evaluations are Open Identification sessions and will be held early February. Details are noted below. Upon registration, players will be expected to attend both OPEN sessions,  in order to maximize assessment opportunities.  After the initial Evaluation Weekend sessions, only selected players will return for the Invitational Sessions. A Final Invitational session will be scheduled for the end February 2019 which will conclude the evaluation process.

How much are the Intake Player fees and what do they cover?

Fees go towards a variety of expenses, including coach salaries, club staff, player kits, coach kits, training equipment, field rentals, referee fees, bus travel to away games, food & hotels for overnight trips, etc.

The player fee for the Fraser Valley Premier Intakes is $2250. Please click here to find out about the various payment options that are available.