Soccer is an active game for all ages. If you’re planning on coaching or playing soccer, these answers to some of the frequently asked questions would help you get your soccer season off to a great start.

What is soccer?

Called “association football” in most countries except the US, soccer is an outdoor activity played on a rectangular playing field between two teams comprised of 11 players each. Players can contact the ball with any part of the body except their hands during the game. Nevertheless, goalkeepers are allowed to use their hands during the play in order to block the ball. Each team score point by passing the ball in the goal of the opponent.

How is soccer scored?

Soccer games have two 45-minutes periods. Each point is scored when a team player passes the ball in the net of the opponent. 

What do I wear for soccer?

Each player of the team wears a long-sleeve jersey or t-shirt, soccer shorts or pants, and also matching undergarments. Soccer uniform includes as well long stockings, caps, and gloves.

What equipment do I need to play soccer?

Except, standard soccer players’ uniform, some soccer players wear protective head gear and gloves. Other accessories can also include athletic tape and different hair bands.

What does a soccer goalie’s equipment consist of?

Goalkeepers’ uniform consists of long-sleeve jerseys, gloves, shorts, cleats, and warmups.

How large is a soccer field?

The professional soccer field is about 100 yards long, and about 80 yards wide. FIFA has not established an exact size of the soccer field.

Do I need to be in good shape to play soccer?

Soccer is a safe game for a variety of ages and fitness levels. Children an d adults can have fun playing this game.

What skills will I gain by playing soccer?

By playing soccer regularly you will build great reaction, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination.

How old is soccer and where did it start?

Soccer is about 3 000 years old. First, the same game was mentioned in ancient Mesopotamian cultures. Today around 250 000 people all over the world enjoy soccer.

What is the world governing organization for soccer?

FIFA or Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded in 1904, and based in Zurich, Switzerland. The organization has over 200 member associations.