Your Langley FC Experience

You won’t find another club as dedicated to the well being of its players as Preston GM Langley FC. We commit to helping all our soccer players reach the absolute height of their potential. Whether you play at our recreational level or compete with our prospects or selects there will be always be opportunities to improve your skills.

Your Pathway

Your playing career with Preston GM Langley FC will be defined by supportive coaching, a fun atmosphere, and development opportunities, all fueled by a healthy competitive spirit. Our programs are set-up to align with BC Soccer’s long term development plan pathway:


Every player at U6 begins their career at the recreational/house level. As you get older you will be given every opportunity to develop your soccer ability to the fullest. At the U8/U9 level you will have your first opportunities to be evaluated for our development/prospects teams. If you are selected for these teams you will being playing in our prospects/select stream where you’ll encounter fiercer competition and be encouraged to improve even further.

If you are not selected for a development team, that doesn’t mean you will never have another opportunity. The club holds regular evaluation sessions and if you’re judged to be ready for that level at a later date, then you may be invited to join the team then. However, just because you don’t make the a team doesn’t mean your soccer career is over - we have a thriving recreational program where you can play throughout your teenage years.

Whatever your future holds, be it recreational or high performance, you will always have a home at our club, and we will treat you like family.


Did you know Preston GM Langley FC offers scholarships to grade 12 students entering post-secondary institutions in the fall? Our club has set aside thousands of dollars to award to qualifying players, and all they have to do to be considered is fill out a simple application form and write a short essay. Based on the applications our selection committee will determine who receives a scholarship.

If you are accepted by the committee as a recipient of a scholarship you will need to provide proof of your attendance at your post-secondary educational institution.